Sleep Medicine Certificate


Application for the Sleep Medicine Certificate of the SSSSC (Administrative charges: CHF 100.–)
Applications with all required documents should be sent to the secretary of the society:
Frau Béatrice Anderlohr-Streule
Centre for Chronobiology
Psychiatric University Clinics Basel
Wilhelm Klein-Strasse 27
CH-4002 Basel
Phone:   +41 61 325 54 74

1. Sleep Medicine Certificate for Physicians (Fähigkeitsausweis Schlafmedizin / Certificat de capacité)

The certificate of competence qualifies the holder to work as a consultant in a centre for sleep medicine. Specialists or doctors with equivalent foreign specialist training can apply for the certificate of competence in accordance with the requirements (cf. Art. 3.3.3) The certificate of competence is awarded and administered by the SGSSC (advertised) and has been approved by the SIWF. Detailed information can be found on the SGSSC and SIWF websites.

Informationen Fähigkeitsausweis SIWF: Download (DE)
Informations certificat de capacité ISFM : Download (FR)

Antrag Fähigkeitsausweis: Download (DE)
Application certificat de capacité: Download (FR)

Logbuch: Download (DE)
Logbook: Download (FR)

Evidence-based psychotherapy methods for the treatment of sleep-wake disorders (according to paragraph 2.3 SIWF

Schlafmedizinische Psychotherapie Regelung 
Règlement sur le certificat de compétence en médecine du sommeil Regolamento per l’attestato di formazione complementare medicina del sonno


2. Re-certification sleep medicine certificate (Rezertifizierung Fähigkeitsausweis Schlafmedizin / Re-certification du certificat de capacité)

Informationen zur Rezertifizierung des FA Schlafmedizin
Informations pour obtenir une re-certification de capacité en médecine du sommeil

Recertification is mandatory in intervals of 5 years by self-declaration of 50 treated patients and 50 CME

Gesuch um Rezertifizierung des FA für Schlafmedizin
Demande de re-certification de capacité en médecine du sommeil


3. Sleep Medicine Certificate for Professionals other than Physicians 
Direktiven (DE)
Directives (FR)


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