Announcement: Three SSSSC travel grants to attend the upcoming Sleep GRC meeting

The second Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on “Sleep Regulation & Function” will take place March 12-18, 2016 in Galveston, TX. After its very successful inaugural meeting in 2014, applications to attend the second are now open. Although the application deadline still seems far (February 14, 2016), applying early is a must because there is only a limited number of participants that can be accommodated. Please visit the GRC site for the program and online application ( and 17227). Among the successful applications to either one of these two meetings by students and post-doc SSSSC members, three travel grants (1000 CHF each) will be awarded according to scientific merit of the submitted abstracts.

Please send your GRC acceptance notification and the submitted abstract to the SSSSC (Béatrice if you like to compete for this travel award. Please be aware that after GRC acceptance you still need to register.

Sponsor’s Awards for the best publication 2015

Ines Wilhelm, Zürich (basic sleep research)
Salomé Kurth, Maya Ringli, Anne-Laure Mouthon, Andreas Buchmann, Anja Geiger, Oskar G. Jenni, Reto Huber
“Sleep Slow-Wave Activity Reveals Developmental Changes in Experience-Dependent Plasticity”. The Journal of Neuroscience, September 10, 2014 . 34(37):12568-12575“

David R. Schreier, Bern (clinical sleep research)
Corinne Roth, Johannes Mathis
“Subjective perception of sleepiness in a driving simulator is different from perception in the maintenance of wakefulness test“. Sleep Medicine, in press