Our Society

The Swiss Society of Sleep Research, Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology was founded in 1991 with the purpose of uniting the numerous Swiss experts of sleep. A further objective was to provide information about sleep and sleep-related disorders to clinicians.In the past years, progress has been achieved in the research of sleep regulation. The integration of these insights into sleep medicine opens new therapeutic possibilities. However, the diversity of sleep disorders requires a clear differential diagnostic before an optimal therapy can be planned. Therefore, one of the main assignments of the Swiss Sleep Society is to promote sleep medicine education for practitioners.

The ascent of the Swiss Sleep Society was the nation-wide acknowledgment of the extended polysomnography indication by the Federal Office of Social Insurance. Furthermore, criteria for the certification of sleep centers in Switzerland were defined.

We hope that the Swiss Sleep Society can mediate between theoreticians, practitioners, educational institutions, specialist societies and social insurance institutes, thus contributing in optimizing diagnosis and therapy of sleep disorders.

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